[12:09 pm] 15 May, 2006

The website www.andreforarmenia.com has been created to support
Andre, the representative of Armenia in the music competition
"Eurovision-2006". Let us remind you that the previous website of
Andre was subjected to the attack of Azeri hackers.

The website will make it possible to get acquainted with the activity
of the singer and with the materials concerning the competition,
as well as to vote for Andre.

In the meantime, problems have arisen in Greece where Andre represented
his song.

"A1+" received a letter from the Greek information agency "Hayastan"
which on behalf of part of the Armenian community living in
Greece complains of the activity of Vahram Kazhoyan, RA Ambassador
extraordinary and plenipotentiary to Greece. According to the agency,
"because of him the Armenians in Greece live in a tense atmosphere."

The letter explains that the reason of the tense atmosphere is
that with the support of Ambassador Kazhoyan Andre participates
only in events held for the members of the Dashnaktsutyun (Armenian
Revolutionary Federation) party.

"The singer is practically isolated from the local Armenian community
and all its cultural and educational centers with the exception of
those which operate under the sponsorship of the Dashnaktsutyun,"
the letter says. "The two cases which caused much indignation were
the following. On May 14 the Armenian Embassy organized a concert for
the Armenian community with the participation of Andre and a number of
singers from Armenia at which only the members of the Dashnaktsutyun
party were allowed to be present. The second case was that Andre did
not visit the 'Galpaqyan' college of the AGBU, whereas he visited the
schools operating under the sponsorship of the Dashnaktsutyun party."

According to several sources the staff of the Armenian Embassy in
Greece is also displeased with the attitude of Ambassador Kazhoyan
which causes problems in the Armenian community.