17.05.2006 14:29 GMT+04:00

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ The incumbent Georgian leadership prefers to present
the image of an Armenian as an apostate, traitor and separatist,
President of the Union of Armenians of Tbilisi Mikhail Tadevosov
told PanARMENIAN.Net reporter. In his words, the non-constructive
policy pursued by the Georgian authorities can lead to a recurrent
turn of national tension. "All the efforts of the Armenian community
to break this stereotype stumble upon a wall of misunderstanding,"
Tadevosov remarked.

The President of the Union of Armenians of Tbilisi considers that the
Georgian leadership is rewriting the history and this can tell on
the relations between the two states. "Only three Armenian schools
function in Tbilisi at present, but the directors of these schools
are Georgians. Armenian churches are declared to be Georgian and
the originality of the Armenian population in Georgia, especially in
Javakhk, is being disputed," he underscored.

Mikhail Tadevosov considers that the Samtskhe Javakheti problem
can be solved by a single scientific conference. "This should be a
real scientific conference where both parties will be represented
by historians, ethnographers and experts who treat the matter
impartially. Otherwise the problem of Javakhk will never be settled,"
he said.

It should be noted that Mikhail Tadevosov, the director of secondary
school after Sayat-Nova, was detained on December 7, 2005 for the
"violation of civic order and insubordination to the authorities."

April 12 the Tbilisi court decreed to close the case and Tatevosov
was released.