Noyan Tapan
May 17 2006

DILIJAN, MAY 17, NOYAN TAPAN. A tourism association was founded with
the aim of developing tourism in Dilijan. The association is headed
by the city mayor Armen Santrosian. Besides, a tourism department
at the mayor's office has functioned since early 2006. According to
A. Santrosian, about 20% of Dilijan rest houses and 80% of resort
houses will be available to tourists this summer. The city council of
aldermen has already approved the program on repair and asphalt laying
of Dilijan's main streets with resources of the community budget. It
is envisaged to implement the program after rains stop. The drinking
water pipes and reservoirs will be repaired as well. $1.16 mln was
allocated from the World Bank credit resources for this purpose. The
program on water pipes repair will start this year and finish in 2008.