18.05.2006 14:44 GMT+04:00

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ May 16 threatening leaflets in Russian were
disseminated in Akhalkalaki, the center of Samtskhe-Javakheti region
of Georgia mostly populated by Armenians. The leaflets that have
images of a crescent and star and are signed by so-called Akhaltsikhe
Liberation Brigade, literally say, "Time has come to pay for our
humiliation. Recall 1915.

Gevorgyan croaked, Rastakyan is the next." We remind that Gevorgyan
was the surname of a young man, killed in Tsalka this March, while
Rastakyan is the distorted surname of co-chair of Virk unregistered
party David Rstakyan.

In this regard a representative of the Council of NGOs
of Samtskhe-Javakheti Khachatur Stepanyan reminded that similar
leaflets were disseminated in Akhalkalaki past October. In his words,
a representative of the National Security Service of Georgia in
Akhalkalaki "promised to find who is threatening the population as
soon as possible," however, nothing is done up to now.

On his part David Rstakyan stated, "If the Minister of Interior and
National Security states regarding the withdrawal of the Russian
military base that he is sure he has control over the situation in
Javakheti, he has to identify those, who disseminate those leaflets,"
reports A-Info agency.

We remind that last December an anonymous source provided
PanARMENIAN.Net with a video file with "the last warning" of the
Akhaltsikhe Liberation Brigade.

Four members of the Brigade against a background of Turkish flag read
an address to the Armenians and Russians residing in the town of
Akhaltsikhe of the Armenian-populated Samtskhe Javakheti region of
Georgia. The address maintains the demand to Armenians and Russians
to leave Akhaltsikhe immediately and go to Armenia, Russia or America
otherwise the brigade members will eliminate the Armenian population
of the region. "All who stand in our way will die. We will not allow
mentioning of you here. The land of Akhaltsikhe will become ours
soon. All who don't hear us now will regret they were born. Leave
your property for us and run. You and your ancestors should remember
the year of 1915 (the Armenian Genocide). Russians will not help
you. Their time is up on our land. We have warned you, this is our
last warning. Go and live or stay and die," the address says. After
reading the address, the brigade members, shouting out Allah Akbar,
burnt the flags of Armenia, Russia and the U.S.