[04:00 pm] 18 May, 2006

Today the yard of the government became so overcrowded since 10:30
that there was a need to invite security service workers to keep
order. The strikers shouted "Prime Minister, resign" for about 4 hours.

The "guests" of the Prime minister were the inhabitants of Northern
and Main Avenues, the gardeners of Dalma and religious people who
refused to take their social cards. Hranush Hakobyan, the Prime
Minister's councilor, listened to the claims and complaints of the
religious people whereas the complaints of others were left unanswered.

"Social cards are not obligatory in any country. We haven't got pension
and salary for a long time," noted teacher Margaret Hovhannisyan who
refuses to take her social card because of her religious belief.

The strikers of Northern and Main Avenues complained that the decision
of the Constitutional Court gave nothing, the evictions still continue
by the same article and now it is the turn of the Buzand dwellers.

When the strikers turned to the office realizing the program of
greenery of Yerevan, they refused to help them on the ground that
the implementation of the CC decision will last till October 1.

By the way, the strikers applied to President Robert Kocharyan on
May 2 once more. "We wrote to him claiming that he is the guarantee
of the Constitution.

Illegality is still obvious in the country, besides, the Government is
to change its decision. We asked him to have his share in eliminating
the above mentioned illegality of the Government. We doubt that he is
aware of everything," informed Vachagan Hakobyan who deals with the
issues of Northern Avenue. They haven't got the President's reply yet.

The Residents of Kozern also complained of the Prime Minister. Their
claim was connected with privatization which was "deliberately"
postponed and refused.

"Wherever we go - to the municipality or to the Government, they cheat
us. We shall take other measures in case our matter doesn't find its
solution but we won't make them public," they claimed.

The strikers together with the Dalma gardeners ask to let them
privatize their lands and give compensation equal to the cadastre
value. The gardeners maintained that the new owners of their lands are
high rank officials among which "ArmRusGasArt," "Business" Centre and
other organizations gave no compensation to the landowners. "They say
I gave so much money to the mayor that I have nothing to give you,"
says Hambardzum Khachatryan. "My son serves in the army and is near
the border. They came and destroyed my garden by saying "Why does he
serve, are we guilty of it?"

By the way, the strikers urge that the whole territory of Dalma has
turned into a rubbish-heap with concrete waste, food remains etc.