Noyan Tapan
May 24 2006

YEREVAN, MAY 24, NOYAN TAPAN. The Republic of Armenia is anxious
about the situation in Javakhk. RA Prime Minister Andranik Margarian
declared this at the Internet conference of the Azg newspaper.

Karapet Aristakesian, a resident of the French city of Marseilles,
expressed anxiety in connection with the fact that "before our eyes the
nationalistic authorities of Georgia broke Javakhk's back and now it
is suffering from mortal blows. How long we will limit ourselves only
to solution of socio-economic problems? Will our generation, that has
liberated Kelbajar, inherit Javakhk in the form of Nor Nakhichevan?"

In response, RA Prime Minister advised before making such sharp
observations on such a delicate issue to weigh everything and to
take into consideration the fact that we speak about our neighboring
state and our compatriots living there and each non-careful statement
or action can do harm the interstate relations and put Armenians of
Javakhk in a more difficult position.

"We discuss with the Georgian authorities not only issues of
improvement of the socio-economic situation in Javakhk and possible
assistance by Armenia, but also those relating to preservation
of educational, spiritual-cultural and national values of our
compatriots. Within the framework of our budget we render some
assistance in providing Javakhk schools with textbooks, in repairs
of cultural centers and schools," A.Margarian emphasized. According
to him, the Armenian government always involves the Javakhk youth in
All Armenian youth programs, implements various programs in different
spheres at the level of NGOs.

A.Margarian expressed stisfaction in connection with the fact that
considerable resources are also envisaged within the framework of the
Millennium Challenge program for reconstruction of infrastructures
in Javakhk.