By: Francine Maglione, Herald Staff

New Britain Herald, CT
May 25 2006

NEW BRITAIN - Details of the accusations Armenian priest Krikoris
Keshishian is facing came to light on Wednesday when the court
officially unsealed the arrest warrant charging Keshishian with
charges of sexual assault on a minor.

According to the warrant, the St. Stephen's Armenian Apostolic Church
priest is accused of touching the 12-year-old victim's posterior while
hugging her, and inappropriately touching a friend of the victim,
among other accusations.

Keshishian, 53, of 21 Garry Drive, was arrested May 9 after being
charged with fourth-degree sexual assault and injury or risk of injury
to or impairing the morals of children by sexual contact. He is free
on $5,000 bond.

Parishioners of the church have defended the embattled priest's
reputation, stating the alleged touching occurred when the victim
slipped and fell off a table she was playing on and Keshishian tried
to catch her. However, the victim claimed this was a lie.

"The victim looked appalled when told this," the warrant stated. "She
stated that that never happened."

The warrant also stated that a friend of the victim's also claimed
this was a lie.

According to the warrant, on May 22, 2005, the victim was
inappropriately touched by Keshishian in church while he was giving her
a hug. His hand dropped down to her buttocks and he began rubbing her
there, the warrant stated. Keshishian also asked the victim why she
was not wearing earrings and volunteered to take her to the mall to
buy new ones, but she declined, the warrant stated. He instead took
her friend to the mall with him. Keshishian also told the victim he
would take her and her friend to Paris with him, the warrant stated.

The friend of the victim accused the priest of touching her leg
while kissing her on the cheek. She also claimed that Keshishian
never invited boys to go anywhere with him, the warrant stated.

While shopping in the mall with the priest, the victim's friend claimed
that Keshishian asked her what color underwear she was wearing,
the warrant stated. However, the victim's friend later changed her
story and said she "must have been wearing something 'see though'
that day," the warrant stated.

The warrant also states that when questioned about Keshishian's wife,
police believe the victim's friend appeared to have a look of jealousy.

The victim claimed that two Sundays prior to the incident, Keshishian
approached her friend and began tickling her, but then "moved his
hand over her breast quickly and came back up," the warrant stated.

The victim also claimed that Keshishian gave her a stuffed rabbit and
gold necklace in the past for no apparent reason, the warrant stated.

Keshishian's next court date is schedule for June 1.