26 May 06

During the parliament briefings on May 26 a distance debate between
Artashes Geghamyan, the leader of the National Unity Party, and Stepan
Demirchyan, Ardarutiun Alliance, took place. The reason was
Geghamyan's May 24statement on Shant TV. The leader of the National
Unity stated that before the presidential election of 1998 he had
talked to Karen Demirchyan in their house, and had persuaded Karen
Demirchyan `that it would be better if he became prime minister, and
Kocharyan became president, because it would be better to trust the
settlement of the Karabakh issue to Robert Kocharyan,' said Geghamyan,
adding that he was surprised when after this talk Karen Demirchyan was
nominated. Stepan Demirchyan replied to Geghamyan's statement in
press, saying he would not bear any distorted information about Karen

On May 26 Stepan Demirchyan even showed up at the briefing of
Ardarutiun Alliance, which happens very rarely. `I was present at that
talk. Karen Demirchyan offered the leader of the National Unity to
become the head of his electoral campaign headquarters. He declined
this offer. And if there was such an offer, it means he had already
been nominated. It was his right to supportor not to support, to be
nominated or to support another candidate. It was his business, his
right, however, he does not have the right to distort the truth,
especially if it is connected with Karen Demirchyan,' says Stepan

Stepan Demirchyan, however, did not answer any questions, saying that
he closed this topic by his statement and there would be no
debates. The other side of the debate Artashes Geghamyan had stated
earlier that certain forces are trying to tap a wedge between Stepan
Demirchyan and him, which will not be successful.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress