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May 28 2006

More news from Corsham Madrassa.

Wiltshire correspondent reports.
Strange logo to use in a school which is 99% white

Earlier this week we presented some snippets from revision notes
prepared for students studying for the GSCE modules of the Religious
Education examination in Islam and Christianity. We explained,
quoting from course material, how Islam was presented in a positive
way, unlike Christianity - which was deliberately associated with
racism, intolerance and slavery.

We have today received the full revision booklets for both modules
and shall make a number of further observations from them,
particularly on that part of the Islam propaganda text entitled "The
Life of Muhammad".

The Life of Muhammad (Sanitised version).

According to the text Muhammad "had a difficult start to life" his
father dies before he was born, as does his mother when he is just
6-years old. It also tells us that he was trusted, honest, kind,
respected and a good businessman who liked to meditate. Sounds a real
nice regular sort of guy to us!

It also tells us how he, as a young man, married an ageing (wealthy?)
widow - for reasons that are not explained but may be speculated
upon. Apparently he took no other wives until after she had died (on
her insistence?), at which time he was aged 49-years. Then, of
course, he married an 8-year old girl by the name of Aisya, -
something that would earn him quite a few years "inside" if repeated
today! Strangely the revision notes make not the slightest reference
of this well documented historical fact - yet has the effrontery to
ask the questions: "Can Muhammad's example be followed in the 21st
Century?" and "How is Muhammad a role model?" The mind boggles!

The piece also tells us that Muhammad was opposed to the owning of
slaves - which is peculiar bearing in mind Islam's thousand year
pivotal role in that sordid industry - dealing in countless millions
of slaves taken from the African interior and the southern shores of
Europe! Again the revision text makes no mention of Islam as a major
player in slavery down the centuries - nor of the centuries of
Islamic slaving off our own Westcountry shores!

We also learn from the text that "there were 2 very important battles
(Badr and Uhud) before Muhammed took control of Makkah" and that he
ensured that "all women and children were protected from the
fighting". No mention here of the butchering of the prisoners taken
at these battles or of bodies being dumped down local wells! No
mention either of the looting of settlements, raiding of camel
caravans for plunder and all the usual trappings of inter-tribal
Arabian warfare including murder, rape, enslavement and mutilation!

Regular readers may also recall, in our earlier report, how the Dutch
Reform Church was held accountable in the accompanying revision notes
on Christianity, for the evil of Apartheid in 1960's South Africa. To
provide some balance you may reasonably have expected to find a
condemnatory reference in the Islam revision notes relating to
Islamic mass murder and ethnic cleansing down the centuries. But no -
nothing! So why, we naively ask, is there no mention of the genocide
of an estimated one million Christian Armenians by Turkish Muslims in
the 1920's, or, perhaps a few lines on the mass murder of some 50,000
Christian Greeks, at around the same time, in the former Greek town
today known as Izmir! And if the compilers of the revision notes wish
to make an historical reference more contemporarily with Christian
Apartheid then perhaps they could use the example of Indian partition
- where an estimated one million Sikhs and Hindus were butchered by
Muslim fanaticc or of the Turkish Muslim invasion of Cyprus. As
regards the latter to this day the Muslim Turkish authorities refuse
to disclose what was done to over a thousand still missing Greek
Christian prisoner taken during their illegal invasion? Once again
none of this is even hinted at in the revision notes!

Media maintains its silence.

You would have thought that the media in Wiltshire would be "all
over" the Corsham School and local education authority asking some
probing questions in relation to what is being taught in that
establishment and who, exactly, is doing the teaching. But no - not a
word has yet appeared in print! Can it be that Wiltshire's editors
and journalists don't agree with the premise that parents have a
right to know what their kids are being exposed to?

In addition the moribund Christian Church in Wiltshire has expressed
no obvious interest in defending The Faith. They appear to believe
that attending same-sex "weddings" between senior clergymen is of
more importance! On the national scene can it be that the revelations
of the past decade concerning buggering bishops and paedophile
priests has so cowed all within that organization that they maintain
a low profile for fear of more skeletons emerging from the closet?

And if Christian patriots hold any expectation that the present
"princes of the Church" will rise in defence of The Faith then they
are to be sorely disappointed - nothing short of a new Reformation
will put wrong to right! contentID=980

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress