30 May 06

The leader of the Democratic Party Aram Sargsyan thinks home political
developments in Armenia and the Nagorno-Karabakh issue have been
interconnected since 1988. Aram Sargsyan told news reporters on May 30
that people are not tired with Karabakh, and the government of
Karabakh is conducting a correct policy, there are simply a group of
people, `natives of Karabakh, natives of Aparan, natives of Lori,
etc,' which cannot be generalized, however.

Aram Sargsyan thinks that much depends on the American pressure on
Kocharyan during the Kocharyan-Aliyev meeting in early June. `I do
not know whether Mr. Kocharyan will get over it.' And, in fact, there
is pressure because `Bush has not given up its adventurous plans on
Iran.' And in case Kocharyan fails to stand pressure, Aram Sargsyan
proposes him to resign, `to have time and find a pro-Armenian
settlement of the problem.' But this is not the case when ` I would be
happy if Kocharyan made a mistake.'

Aram Sargsyan says while they are pressing Kocharyan, they are
cajoling and persuading Aliyev. `Because there is Baku-Geihan, because
their territory was chosen as a possible weapon emplacement, because
while Armenia's strategic partner is Russia, Azerbaijan is still
floating. And they may press Kocharyan threatening that his file could
be declassified.'

This is not our tragedy, however. At least, this is not the key
thing. =80=9CWe lack a foreign political line, we are not aware of our
place and role.

Therefore, one says Europe, the other says America, yet the third says
another thing. '