Aram Abrahamian

30 May 06

"APR Group" by "Aravot's" order makes phone gallop polls on immediate
themes. 652 Yerevan citizens have been polled this from 22-27 of May
and the theme was the leave of ┬"Orinats Erkir┬"from the coalition
and Arthur Baghdasarian's resignation.

Only a person from the polled citizens didn't know about these
events. 25,6% knowing it, aren't interested in it and in policy in
general. And what is the reason of Mr. Baghdasarian's resignation
according to the Yerevan citizens.

16,7% think it was a voluntary decision, 12,6% think that he has been
compelled and the majority of the polled citizens, 54,6% are sure
that it is a political game. "APR Group" specially stopped on the
version of compulsion and asked who had compelled Arthur Baghdasarian
to send in his resignation. 64,7% is sure that ┬"internal powers┬"
have compelled him.

The attitude of the polled citizens towards the NA former chairman must
be inspiring for this politician. 35,1% has positive attitudes towards
Arthur Baghdasarian, 13,2% has negative attitudes, 47,9% is neutral,
3,7% didn't know what to answer. What qualities according to the
participants of polling participants describe Mr. Baghdasarian. 29,5%
described him as a ┬"young leader who should advance┬", ┬"populism┬"
is in the second place /14,8%/, self-determination also is mentioned
very often /14,6%/, ┬"education┬", /11,3%/, ┬"professionalism┬"
/6%/. 2,5% of answers the sociologist have described as unpleasant
expressions to his address".

To the question ┬"If presidential elections are held in the coming
Sunday will you vote for him┬", 23,3% gave positive answers. We should
say that it isn't a bad index for this politician. A. Baghdasarian's
"presidential reputation " was 5% less in 2004.

But to the question in what "post do you see A. Baghdasarian in the
future" only 12% mentioned the post of the RA President. This contrats
of figures can be explained in the following way; first is from the
sphere of desires, second is more ┬"pragmatic┬".

In case of parliamentary elections on the coming Sunday OEP would
get 18.8% of votes that means it would have a solid fraction in the
NA. . But as the wishes of voters have no importance in our country,
those figures are too relative.

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From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress