31.05.2006 15:27

YEREVAN (YERKIR) - Russia's position is to watch and comprehend the
Cypriot and Karabakh conflicts, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Ivanov
told reporters in Turkey.

"These conflicts can hardly be compared but they both can be settled
with the consent of sides only. Russia not only watches the Karabakh
and Cypriot conflicts but also assists in international efforts for
their settlement.

In case with Nagorno Karabakh - within the OSCE Minsk Group framework,
in case with Cyprus - within the U.N. Security Council. In both cases
our efforts are targeted at maintenance of direct dialogue in order
to find a mutually admissible result.

The RF Foreign Minister underscored that Russia promotes development
of contacts between Northern and Southern Cyprus, first of in
the humanitarian sector, and stands for normalization of economic
interaction between the two parts of the island.

"Practice proves that contacts of the kind improve the atmosphere of
the talks and strengthen trust. The common economic space of Cyprus
should serve a basis for the further political settlement," he said,
reported the department of press and information of the Russian MFA.