31.05.2006 14:46

Azeri Deputies are dissatisfied with the US foreign policy. Azeri
media report that corresponding opinions were voiced during the
Parliamentary sitting yesterday. According to the source, MP Ganira
Pashaeva declared that Milli Mejlis intends to express complaint
to Washington over providing assistance to Nagorno-Karabakh by US
Congress. In the Deputy's words, id the US considers Azerbaijan
its ally, then how can it provide assistance to "Nagorno-Karabakh
separatists?" At the same time she considers that the US may provide
assistance to separatists of Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Transnistria.

"Nevertheless, year by year official Washington is increasing its
financial assistance to Nagorno-Karabakh," she noted. In Ganira
Pashaeva's opinion, this step of the United States is an expression
of negative attitude towards Armenia.

"Milli Mejlis should bring the issue to the US Congress. We should
demand maintaining parity in the military assistance to Azerbaijan and
Armenia and suspending provision of assistance to Nagorno-Karabakh,"
Pashaeva underlined.