[07:28 pm] 30 May, 2006

"New Times" party held a meeting in Shahoumyan Square with the claim
"Attention to Javakhq." The meeting participants were surprisingly
fewer than it was expected. According to chairman of the party Aram
Karapetyan this was determined by the hindrance of the authorities.

He says that several buses broke down in a few regions, and people
couldn't arrive at the meeting.

The most striking was that the meeting aroused great interest among
the Armenian representatives of the Russian Mass Media.

The meeting didn't start at once in the square. Hovik Tamamyan, Chief
Police Officer of Kentron, quarreled with some people asking them
about the reason of their gathering before Aram Karapetyan's arrival.

"They say that the Akhalqalaq residents are settling their affairs,
go and join them," says an elderly women from Akhalqalaq. "I have
never mingled with their affairs, I simply came, stood silent and
kept public order, but as the question of my compatriots is being
discussed how can I keep silent?."

The meeting was allowed by the Yerevan municipality.

"We don't want to interfere in the internal affairs of Georgia it
is not our task. Our task is to inform the RA Government about the
changes in Georgia. The last events testify to the fact that all
the changes lead to a failure, to a collapse. And what will Javakhq
benefit from it is still unknown," states Aram Karapetyan.

"We want them to draw their attention to us as we need it. The youth
have no job, only elderly people stay in the countries. Schools have
turned into Georgian one, and this is one of the main reasons for
abandoning motherland," claimed the participants of the meeting.

Aram Karapetyan, leader of the "New Times" party announced that the
aim of their meeting today is not to demand Robert Kocharyan's or
Serge Sargsyan's resignation. Their number one problem is the issue of
Javakhq. Then he added that their meeting will not hinder the solution
of the problem, on the contrary, it will strengthen it as people will
know that such questions are aroused in their homeland. "If Georgia
is our friend it will try to understand us," urges Mr. Karapetyan.

Today the party "New Times" released letters to the RA Government,
RA Foreign Ministry and Georgian Embassy with the claim "Attention
to Javakhq."

By the way, according to Aram Karapetyan they will continue their
meetings until the RA authorities react to their complaints. "We
closely cooperate with the Javakhq organizations and they think
Armenia pays less attention to Javakhq."