RIA Novosti, Russia
May 30 2006

YEREVAN, May 30 (RIA Novosti) - A major fire has engulfed at least six
residential blocks in the center of the Armenian capital, Yerevan,
but a spokesman for the emergency services said no injuries had yet
been reported.

Nikolai Grigoryan said a fire alarm had gone off at about 4 p.m.
local time (1 p.m. GMT), and eight fire engines had been summoned to
the site.

"There are some problems here because the roads in the area are narrow,
which makes it difficult for fire engines to pass, and accordingly low
pressure in the hoses is preventing us from extinguishing the blaze,"
Grigoryan said.

The spokesman said rescuers had contacted the municipal water supply
service but were told that the pressure in the pumps could not be
raised because of an accident.

He said water was being brought by special water carriers and street
sprinklers. Electricity has been switched off in the area.