Author: J.Shahverdiyev

TREND, Azerbaijan
May 30 2006

6 questions were discussed at the session Milli Mejlis (MM) (National
Parliament) held on May 30, 2006. Aydin Mirzazade, the chairman of
the permanent parliamentary commission for security and defense,
delivered a report on the confirmation of the volume of the transit
transportation of the Russian military cargos brought from the
territory of Georgia via the territory of Azerbaijan. He noted that
the transit transportation would be carried out in 2006-2008s.

Deputy Asim Mollazade expressed that although the transportation
process of the Russian military technique from the Georgia via
Azerbaijani territory started, it was inaccurate to present this
document to discussions now. "I think that the rights of MM are
violated. The large part of the Russian military base is transported
to Armenia. Azerbaijan possesses many opportunities to put conditions
before Russia," told Mollazade noting that the military base should
be delivered to Russia.

"At present, the transportation of the military bases to Batumi and
Akhalkalaki starts. It is clear that the military technique of the
7 Russian armies based in Armenia are in the hands of the Armenian
armed forces. The Armenian armed forces are formed exactly on the
base of 7 Russian armies," told Mollazade. He stressed that he didn't
consider accurate to present this document to the confirmation of MM
while the transportation process is continuing. The deputies expressed
their opinions in connection with the document and the document was
confirmed after voting.

Ziyad Samadzade, the chairman of the permanent parliamentary commission
on economical policy, delivered a report on the confirmation of
"The Cooperation program between Azerbaijan Republic and the World
Intellectual Property Organization". He noted that Azerbaijan should
use the international practice for the protection of intellectual
property. MM holds discussions in connection with this question.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress