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May 31, 2006


Yerevan--Raffi K. Hovannisian, Armenia's first Minister of Foreign Affairs,
received Dean Stephen Bosworth and Professor Alan Henrikson of the Fletcher
School of Law and Diplomacy at ACNIS headquarters today. They were
accompanied by Mrs. Christine Bosworth, Tufts University trustee Joyce
Barsam, and president Aso Tavitian of the Tavitian Foundation.

Raffi Hovannisian greeted his distinguished guests, warmly recalling his
acquaintance with Dean Bosworth and his study under Professor Henrikson, who
taught American Diplomatic History to Hovannisian a quarter of a century
ago. Hovannisian offered a tour d'horizon of Armenia's foreign and public
policy, its regional challenges and international prospects.

Raffi Hovannisian graduated from the Fletcher School, located in Medford,
Massachusetts, with a M.A.L.D. degree in 1982, specializing in International
Law and Diplomacy, the Foreign Policies of Communist Countries, and
Civilization and World Affairs.
Founded in 1994 by Raffi Hovannisian and supported by a global network of
contributors, the Armenian Center for National and International Studies
(ACNIS) serves as a link between innovative scholarship and the public
policy challenges facing Armenia and the Armenian people in the post-Soviet
world. It also aspires to be a catalyst for creative, strategic thinking and
a wider understanding of the new global environment. In 2006, the Center
focuses primarily on civic education, conflict resolution, and applied
research on critical domestic and foreign policy issues for the state and
the nation.
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