30-04-2008 11:43:33

The Karabakh government officials appointed at the end of the past year
have stated for a number of times that transparency in activities
is necessary, and the role of the mass media as a guarantee of
transparency was mentioned.

It was stated at the highest level that the ministers must hold news
conferences and keep the society aware of their activities.

After participating in the telethon organized by Armenia Foundation
President Bako Sahakyan met with the members of government and reports
and said any question can be asked to the ministers. However, after
a few questions he interrupted the "process" and promised that the
journalists would soon have another opportunity.

So far there has been no other chance to ask questions to the

Most ministers followed him, who would not hold news
conferences. Moreover, the ministers "dislike" when a reporter tries
to ask a question to a minister during some event.

In a recent news conference Prime Minister Ara Harutiunyan said in
answer to the question of why the ministers do not
hold news conferences: "Does transparency of activities have anything
to do with news conference? Of course, it would be desirable but if
the prime minister regularly holds news conferences, it means that
the activities of the government are on the whole transparent." The
prime minister inquired which ministers refuse to answer the questions
of reporters. In answer the reporters said it is not a matter of
interviews but the readiness of the ministers to keep the society
aware of their activities.

The prime minister promised to discuss the proposals and come back
to them in case of necessity.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress