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May 1 2008

Day.Az interview with famous military expert Uzeir Jafarov.

-How would you comment on the neutralization of special forces of
Armenian armed troops attempting to commit diversion in Azerbaijan?

-After Azerbaijani army serviceman Vusal Eybatov was captured by
Armenians, a serious conversation occurred in the Defense Ministry
of Azerbaijan. Resentment was expressed by the fact that Azerbaijan
servicemen are captured by Armenians and over the unsatisfactory work
for capturing Armenian servicemen.

In the result, instructions were set to increase vigilance along
the front line and our intelligence has started to explore trends,
perspective for the occupation of the enemy's servicemen.

I think, this resulted in the capture of Armenian servicemen.

-You speak about Armenian servicemen. Do you doubt that captured
Armenians are members of special forces?

-I would not state that they are the members of special forces,
as they did not have any guns with them, which makes diversion
impossible. Though, anyway, I consider that our due structures should
conduct comprehensive work to reveal causes of Armenians' capture.

-Practice shows that within several days after Armenians are captured
by Azerbaijanis, the enemy capture our compatriots, who are sometimes
servicemen and sometimes civilians. Does it mean that Armenians will
soon try to capture out citizens?

-Thank you for a timely question. As far as we know, the Armenian
Defense Ministry and the "Forces of Self-Defense" of unrecognized
Nagorno Karabakh have already set instructions regarding the need to
capture Azerbaijani soldiers, who could be returned in exchange to
4 captured Armenians.

Moreover, as far as I know, Armenians have already made an attempt
to enter our territory in Aghdere and Fizuli but failed. But I am
sure that they will repeat the attempt in the future.

Naturally, this will lead to the raised tensions in the front line.

-Can it grow into full military actions between Azerbaijani and
Armenian armed forces?

-I rule out any possibility of such developments. Azerbaijan is
preparing for presidential elections and there is no need for our
country to focus on the attempt of the forced way of the settlement
of Nagorno Karabakh conflict.

As for Armenia, the next provocation on the front line does not meet
its interests. We have seen the end of the previous provocation by
Armenia, whose leadership tried to distract attention of the world
society from great problems within Armenia, which became the property
of the world society following the scandalous and bloody presidential
elections in this country.

Moreover, as is known, several senior generals of Armenia have resigned
recently. These people, who were important for the Armenian armed
forces, could have intention to revenge due to this decision. In such
complex conditions inside Armenia, I do not think that the leadership
of this country will be so unwise to initiate large scale hostilities
between the Azerbaijani and Armenian armed forces.