01-05-2008 10:35:38

Today the chair of the NKR National Assembly Committee of Foreign
Affairs Vahram Atanesyan criticized the activities of the NKR
representation to Armenia. He voiced concern that the representation
has as many workers as the NKR foreign ministry and in 2007 about
79.5 million drams was provided for sustaining the representation but
the result of activities of the representation is not seen. Vahram
Atanesyan thinks it is a waste of money, because what the NKR
representation is now doing could be done by a smaller staff.

The member of parliament said the staffs of the other representations
of NKR to four countries are small but their activities are
tangible. In answer to the question of Vahram Atanesyan what the
representation of Armenia is doing in Armenia, the deputy foreign
minister Edward Atanesyan said when the NKR foreign minister was
Arman Melikyan, his residence was in Yerevan, and the efforts were
concentrated there. According to the deputy minister, currently the
representation performs political and consular functions. Besides
meetings and news conferences the representation also receives
documents on humanitarian programs for Karabakh, etc.

Of the 79.5 million drams allocated for the representation in 2007 87
percent was spent. And of the 218 million 512 thousand drams foreseen
for the NKR ministry of foreign affairs (including the other four
representations) 80.5 percent was spent. The minister of finance said
the money was saved from salary, business trips and telephone bills.