US States News
May 27, 2008 Tuesday 1:20 AM EST

The City of Los Angeles issued the following media advisory:

What: City of Los Angeles Welcoming Ceremony for Sister City Yerevan,
Armenia Dignitaries/Educators

When: Wednesday, May 28, 2008, 10:00 a.m.

Where: Los Angeles City Hall - Council Chambers, 200 N. Spring Street,
Los Angeles

Who: Los Angeles City Council President Eric Garcetti, 13th District
Dr. Tigran Barseghyan and Dr. Noune Chilingaryan, Yerevan State
University of Architecture and Construction (formerly Polytechnic)

Why: They are visiting Los Angeles as part of a cultural and
information exchange program to learn about latest architectural and
technological developments Los Angeles and to gain insights to share at
their institution when they return to Armenia. Dr. Barseghyan is Dean
of Faculty, Architectural Planning and Design at the Yerevan State
University of Architecture and Construction. Under his leadership
the School of Architecture has been modernized and has received
accreditation from several European Nations. Dr. Chilingaryan is
Chair of Urban Planning and Vice Dean of the Faculty of Architecture.

As part of the exchange, they will visit City of Los Angeles Public
Works facilities and receive briefings from the Departments of
Planning, Public Works, Building and Safety, and Transportation. In
addition, they will meet with the Deans of the USC, UCLA, and UC
Berkeley Schools of Architecture to establish relationships and
exchange ideas.

Media/Photo Opps: Council President Eric Garcetti, Dr. Tigran
Barseghyan and Dr. Noune Chilingaryan.

Contact: For more information, contact Kurken Alyanakian, President,
DDCM, Inc., (323) 256- 6060, (818) 207 0707; or Richard E. Lee, Board
of Public Works Public Works Public Affairs Office, (213) 978-0324 or
(213) 761-3457.