BH's motto in Yerevan Council of Elders elections will be "Our Word is Act"

YEREVAN, MAY 1, NOYAN TAPAN. The official election campaign of Yerevan
Council of Elders elections is launched on May 2, and the Bargavach
Hayastan (Prosperous Armenia) party is ready for full participation in
it. Khachik Galstian, the Spokesperson of BH leader Gagik Tsarukian,
reported at the May 1 press conference. According to him, an event will
be organized on May 2, during which BH's preelection program will be
presented officially.

BH's main motto is "Our Word is Act," which, according to him, more
aptly characterizes the way passed by G. Tsarukian, BH's style of
acting. The second motto is "Trust and Demand." "If only there is
sufficient vote of confidence one can demand full-value fulfillment of
all promises and preelection programs," K. Galstian said.

According to G. Tsarukian's Spokesperson, the information that BH
representatives give out bribe of 5 thousand drams to Yerevan residents
does not correspond to reality. Moreover, he assured that BH will use
all possible means to fight voter buying and to hold fair, transparent
elections. According to G. Galstian, BH has a stable electorate and
does not need to take away or to buy people's vote. And he called
Yerevan residents for being free and voting of their own free will and
with their own conscience if even they take a bribe.

Speaking about the vacant ministerial posts as a result of ARFD's
leaving the coalition K. Galstian said that BH has well-prepared
specialists, who are able to head those ministries. According to him,
they will also consider normal the circumstance if only RPA
representatives take those posts. "Gagik Tsarukian has never fought to
take any post and BH does not pretend on any post," he assured.