The Messenger
May 1 2009

Russian newspaper Russiyski Vesti thinks that the normalization of
Turkey-Armenia relations, currently being sought by both sides, is
inevitable. During the May visit to Moscow of Turkish Prime Minister
Erdogan, the issues of Turkish-Armenian relations and the resolution
of the Azerbaijan-Armenian conflict will be discussed, and a further
strengthening of relations between the two countries would seem to
follow naturally from this. French President Sarkozy will also visit
the region in June.

Russian experts suggest that it looks as if Armenia and Turkey have
decided to solve the problems of bilateral relations on a global
scale, something which will affect the status quo created in the
region after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Yerevan has been
given a chance to break the isolation it found itself in after its
occupation of Azerbaijani land and this harms relations between Baku
and Ankara. The new diplomatic chess game will definitely influence
the Karabakh problem as well.