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April 29 2009

Armenians attempt to take "historical revenge" from Turks and
Azerbaijanis, said Kamil Salimov, doctor of law and head of
criminalistics chair of the Baku State University.

According to him, we should think about it. He said the thing is that
we do not have serious scientific studies to expose the falsifications
about "Armenian genocide.

"We have adopted the law on Azerbaijani genocide in a response to
similar steps of Armenians. In order to oppose and really present
the Azerbaijani genocide, our scientists must study the issue of
the "Armenian genocide" and this falsification. And who among our
scientists is studying this problem?", asks Salimov.

"Unfortunately, our people do not realize the importance of this. When
we start studying the issue of "Armenian genocide" and referring to
Armenian authors, we are accused of betrayal. How ridiculous! How
can we expose the Armenian "genocide" without studying this issue?".

According to him, the problem also lies in the approach of
international organizations.

"Today, the problem of "genocide", put foward by Armenian nationalists,
is aimed at the development of the conflict situation in the relations
between the peoples. The tragic history of the past should not be used
as a basis of policy of today's governments. But the interesting fact
is that today this history is taken as a basis by the politicians of
the leading states.

And the fact that today Armenians set the issue of recognition of
1915 "genocide" before Obama, is not merely of historical trend,
it also has definite political goals. These goals are to take
the "historical revenge" from Turks and Azerbaijanis and give a
psychological justification for the occupation of lands in Nagorno
Karabakh. This is their definite goal.

I would like to note once again that Azerbaijani and Turkish
scientists work in this direction too weakly. Can you present me
several basic works on this topic by Azerbaijani scientists to expose
the falsifications of the "Armenian genocide" on the international
level. Personally I have never seen such works. There are just several
articles on this issue. And this is against the fact that Armenians
raise this issue in April of this year", noted Salimov.