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April 29 2009

President Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey agreed
between the Road Map to imply, "World, Region and Azeri What do you
want to know," he said.

29 Nisan 2009 CarÅ~_amba 11:40

Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev, between Turkey and Armenia agreed
road map implies the "world, what is the Azeri regions and want to
know," he said.

European Union (EU) Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, President
of Azerbaijan and Aliyev came together in Brussels. binary, a joint
press conference held after the talks. Barroso, Aliyev and "good,
constructive and open negotiations" were done, he said. Barroso,
stated that Azerbaijan as a partner in the Caucasus öenmli a closer
energy cooperation is an important factor stressed. European Union
relations with the Azeri leaders have made important.

Nagorno Karabakh on a question relating to Aliyev, "Armenia's
occupation of Azeri territory to us not only to the region's stability
and a threat to safety. 20 years we have experienced the greatest
injustice. Recognized territory of Azerbaijan, a neighboring country
under occupation. After this invasion of millions of Azerbaijani
refugees to the state fell. " I was talking. Aliyev, are working to
resolve the problem by saving, "the Armenian forces from territory
captured in önkoÅ~_ulsuz want." he said. EU Commission President
Barroso, the two countries, efforts to resolve the problem and that
they want to see progress made.

Armenia and Turkey's road map agreed on the description as Barroso,
"this issue, we have opinions. Dostca have opinions. Azerbaijan issues
in terms of how sensitive that I understand. However, in the region,
to reduce tensions also are pleased. Between Turkey and Armenia to
reduce tensions must be satisfied. We're happy with this step. There
are problems between Turkey and Armenia. This situation was not
good for the region. These positive steps are satisfied. However,
this solution in Nagorno Karabakh do not want to see the sense
not to. " I was talking. Azeri leader Aliyev, Armenia and Turkey
and stressed that their own decisions. Aliyev, "the two countries,
the relations give approval to build or block are not. Policies in
the region adapt existing facts are entitled to. Various sources,
conflicting sensations are coming to us. One source, the road map,
no pre-condition is not specified. Another source, önÅ~_artsız that
gives information on not said. world, regions and Azeri to know what
you want. Nagorno Karabakh issue, Turkey-Armenian close to making an
irrelevant? very simple question and got a very simple answer. " said