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Armenian Genocide

Azg daily received numerous letters and messages responding to the
US President Barack Obama's April 24 statement. Below we publish some
of them.


Mr. President Barack Obama

As a citizen of United States of America along with 6 million of fellow
Armenians and millions of oppressed people in the world we have lost
trust (and love) with you. We thought that you were an honest and
"a Man of your word" ? And we were wrong.I personally supported you
morally and your campaign financially. You have no any justification
for your negligent. Should you choose to continue omitting the word
"Genocide" from history of Armenian People Sadly, solemnly and firmly
we request refunding our campaign contribution of $ 650+

Mr. President to regain our trust and future support you still have
time to correct your administration stand by recognizing Armenian
Genocide....Just several months ago you promised to recognize Armenian
Genocide? and just yesterday you talked about Jewish Holocaust What
is differences between Genocides?? How soon and easy you forgot about
"discriminations" With regret and disappointment...

Dr.Ishkhan Babajanian MD/PedDr. Masis Babajanian
MD/CardiologistMrs.Anahit Babajanian / Teacher (active in Obama's
campaign) Armen Babajanian Director of Big Brothers and Big Sisters
in Texas ---Active Graduate Student of political science....USA,
CaliforniaApril 24, 2009


President Obama,

On this Day of Remembrance for the 1.5 million Armenians massacred
between 1915 and 1923, Armenians all over the world are sharply
disappointed with your failure to honor your solemn pledge to recognize
the atrocities as genocide.

During your presidential campaign you consistently stated that you
"shared the view that the U.S. must recognize the events of 1915-1923,
carried out by the Ottoman Empire, as genocide."

It is now clear your campaign promise was said in political jest
and made those promises solely for the purpose of gaining the
American-Armenian vote. As we mourn the loss of our families and
celebrate their spirits, our sadness is compounded by your decision to
retreat from your pledge. Moreover, we as American-Armenians will not
forget your decision made today and will certainly remember it in 2012.

Armen Babajanian, Kerrville, Texas, April 24,2009


Hello guys, My name is Armen Hareyan from www.huliq.comI just
thought we need to bring to the world attention that president
Barack Obama used the phrase Meds Eghern two times in his speech
today. While the world media is writing Obama refraind from using
the world genocide then what is Meds Eghern? Obama is sending a
powerful message satisfying both the Armenian needs and telling
Turkey "this year I used Meds Eghern but next year I will translate
it into English, so move fast and make the reconciliation movement
right."I thought it's out job to tell the world that Obama indeed
used the Armenian version of Genocide, which is more powerful and
respectful and he used it twice. I wrote a story about it quickly
http://www.huliq.com/1/80149/obama-uses-ar menian-equivalent-genocide-twice-speech
you are welcome to use it as long as you link back to the original
story and give credit to www.huliq.comMany thanks I hope this helps
friends.Armen Hareyan

Dear Mr. Hareyan

The Armenian word for genocide is Tsekhaspanutiun and not Mets Yeghern.

Also the term, Mets Yeghern was previously used by President Bush in
2005 and I don't think that had much effect.

Like his predecessors, President Obama simply avoided the term genocide
because it displeases Turkey.

Unlike Armenia, Turkey spends a lot of money in Washington and this
is why Turkey's view is important for Washington.

Sorry for the cross-post.

Emil Sanamyan

Washington Editor


http://yandunts.bl ogspot.com


U.S.-Armenia Public Affairs Committee (USAPAC)

1518 K Street, NW, Suite M

Washington, DC 20005

Contact: Ross Vartian

Telephone: 202-783-0530

President Obama's April 24 statement is his second lost opportunity
to affirm the Armenian Genocide.

On the first occasion, his visit to the Republic of Turkey, the
President stated that his view on the Armenian Genocide was well
known and remained unchanged, yet he chose not to utter the word
"genocide". The President then urged the Turkish government and people
to face this history, just as America had done with African-Americans
and Native Americans.

On the second occasion, the solemn remembrance day of April 24,
President Obama failed to affirm his record as Senator and his repeated
pledges as candidate for the presidency to characterize this crime
against humanity by its proper name, the Armenian Genocide.

Instead, the President committed his administration to fully support
the normalization of relations between Armenia and Turkey "without
preconditions and within a reasonable timeframe". While a laudable
objective, normal relations between these nations and an open
Armenian-Turkish border are not substitutes for the United States
affirming its own voluminous history on the Armenian Genocide and
its directly linked global responsibility to help end the scourge
of genocide.

President Obama knows very well and has eloquently acknowledged that as
long as genocide denial is tolerated that the act of genocide itself
continues, as it does for Armenians on this day of commemoration and
remembrance, April 24, 2009.

Ross Vartian, Executive Director

US-Armenia Public Affairs Committee (USAPAC)