Noyan Tapan
Apr 30, 2009

Yerevan, April 30, Noyan Tapan, To explore the impact of the global
economic crisis on Armenia, the Armenian International Policy Research
Group (AIPRG) with support of the RA Government will organize
a conference entitled "Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on
Armenia's economy: Short- and long-run perspectives," on July 7 to 8
in Yerevan. As the Minister of Economy of Armenia, Nerses Yeritsian
told at a press conference on April 29, the conference is aimed at
analyzing the influence of the global economic and financial crisis
on Armenia's economy , elaborating scenarios The conference aims
to develop scenarios for coping with consequences of the crisis
and provide policy recommendations to mitigate the impact of the
crisis. According to the minister, presentation of experience of
developing countries and countries in transition during conference
will enable to reveal those shortcomings of the economic policy of
Armenia, elimination of which would help to increase the pace of
Armenia's further economic growth.

As N.. Eritsian mentioned, the conference is open for all
researchers. The minister called up opposition representatives to
participate in the conference and present surveys and analysis related
to weakening the impact of the crisis consequences. According to the
chief executive of AIPRG Arman Gabrielian, during two-day conference
presentations of cross-country experiences of emerging economies
will provide comparative venues for discussion regarding how to move
towards economic policies in Armenia which will propel the Armenian
economy into a higher growth trajectory. The conference will address
the outcomes of the world economic crisis and lessons for Armenia,
the impact of the crisis on Armenia and a policy response, prospects
of improving Armenia's economic growth and increasing competitiveness,
as well as economic consequences of the open border with Turkey and
Armenia's new regional positioning. Professionals and high-ranking
officials from various international structures of Armenia and
Diaspora are expected to participate, told A.Gabrielian. Scientific
report and surveys presented at the conference will be published
in "Armenian Journal of Public Policy" issued by AIPRG. AIPRG is a
non-governmental organization, which supports scientific researches
in Armenia and Diaspora on matters regarding Armenia's economic
development and growth with the purpose to unite existing knowledge
and experience. AIPRG is an academic bridge between Diasporan and
native Armenian scholars in the areas of economy, policy, law and
management. Author: Hakobian Hasmik