Excerpt from Riz Khan's interview with Ahmet Davutoglu

Al Jazeera
April 11, 2009
Istanbul, Turkey

[Excerpted from Riz Khan's interview with then chief foreign policy adviser
Ahmet Davutoglu. Davutoglu was named Turkey's Foreign Minister on May 1,

Question from Riz Khan: Of course this time of year there's a lot of
tension around the anniversary of the deaths of around a million Armenians
at the end of the last century and of course the word genocide is always one
that's caused a lot of emotion; it's one that countries want Turkey to
recognize. Turkey, of course, says it's not the case. Even Barack Obama
here [in Turkey] sort of avoided the word. I wonder if there's any
resolution that can be reached and in reaching that resolution are you
having to skew your relationship with Azerbaijan, which has been,
traditionally, the ally.

Answer of Ahmet Davutoglu: Of course first of all this issue is not a
political issue; it is a historical issue. We should discuss of course with
[an] open-minded approach. But we should not forget the historical
realities of early twentieth century. From 1911 until 1924, thirteen years,
Turkey was in war from Bosnia to Yemen, from Caucasia to Egypt and
Palestine. So all these events occurred and millions of Turks were killed
as well. So this is a historical fact. It should not hijack all the
political realities today and politicians who do not know anything about
this should not decide for that. And our relation with Azerbaijan is, of
course, very important and we will keep that relation. It's a strategic
relation with Azerbaijan and we will protect this.

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