05:08 pm | May 22, 2009


The election campaign is covered neutrally without major "shows,"
says Yerevan Press Club (YPC). It is still too early to speak of the
campaign's balancing coverage.

The YPC today introduced the monitoring results of the campaign
coverage by seven television companies-H1, ALM, H2, ArmNews, Yerkir
Media, Kentron and Shant.

The first phase of monitoring includes the beginning of the campaign
from April 16 to May 1 and the second phase-from May 2 to May 15.

The first stage passed comparatively neutrally. Over 94,6 per cent of
transmission was neutral. According to position mentioning the leading
parties are the Republican Party (22) and the Prosperous Armenia Party

About 97.1 per cent references of the second phase were also neutral,"
said monitoring coordinator Elina Poghosbekian.
From: Baghdasarian