26.05.2009 20:31 GMT+04:00

"For the first time such a large-scale local elections are held in
Yerevan and the serious struggle between participating political
forces takes place. Unfortunately, like at previous elections, during
these elections healthy discussion is absent between candidates,"
Armen Rustamyan, RA NA deputy from Dashnaktsutyun fraction told
a news conference today. Mr.Rustamyan emphasized, that the law
on Yerevan will be tested in practice for the first time. These
elections will reveal all advantages and shortcomings of the new
law, Mr. Rustamyan said. ARF Dashnaktsutyun is sure that, they must
use this chance for conducting fair elections, as far as possible,
since passions have already abated and there are good prerequisites
for conducting fair elections. "Dashnaktsutyun will make every effort
to escape falsifications this time. All 439 polling station will have
2-3 observers each from Dashnaktsutyun. We expect healthy collision
of interests, which will ultimately result in healthy elections,"
Rustamyan said. He also noted, that refusing from stamps in passports
of already voted will leave room for some falsifications.