09:36 pm | May 26, 2009


The "Prosperous Armenia" party's campaign stands out from the rest
of the campaigns in that the party is mainly involved in praising
the party leader rather than the mayor candidate.

For instance, Mkhitar Mnatsakanyan, who is the second contender on
the party's proportional list, held a meeting today in the square
near the Zoravar Andranik statue and presented Gagik Tsarukyan as
"great benefactor and legend of the Armenian nation." The host of
the meeting informed citizens of Sebastia that Armenia has turned
into nothing more nothing less than a "superpower in sports" under
sponsorship of Gagik Tsarukyan.

"Prosperous Armenia" party members informed residentes of the
Malatia-Sebastia district that their party is strong thanks to their
leader Gagik Tsarukyan.

Let us remind that Gagik Tsarukyan is not participating in the
elections for mayor. Mr. Mnatsakanyan did not forget to say a few
words about mayor candidate Harutyun Kushkyan and informed that he
has known him since childhood and that he is a skilled manager.

Mayor candidate Harutyun Kushkyan assured residentes of
Malatia-Sebastia that people's lives would change if they were elected.

In his speech, leader of the party Gagik Tsarukyan underscored all
the needs of citizens of Yerevan today, including a clean city, water,
greenery and garbage that is disposed on time.

Tsarukyan called on citizens to vote by their conscience. "If they
offer money, take it, but listen to your heart come voting time,"
said leader of the "Prosperous Armenia" party.

In the end the "Prosperous Armenia" party announced: "We're not
saying good-bye because we are going to be back on June 1 to build a
prosperous Armenia. "Prosperous Armenia" is first on the ballot and
it is going to be the first after the elections as well."

Unlike the meeting of the ANC that took place on Sunday, the police
officers did not remove the license plates of people participating in
the meeting. What's more, it was impossible to drive on the streets
due to heavy traffic.