Siranush Papyan

11:30:19 - 27/05/2009

The Republican Party undertook many and various mechanisms for these
elections: lists of 100 percent voters, consultations free of charge,
or just forcing, and now it is time for the soldiers. It has been
several days, soldiers are "hurrying" home from the army, of course,
the law does not allow them to vote, but these ten days of holiday
with the family will secure the votes of the members of their families.

Mrs. Anahit is waiting for his son. She stated that at the previous
election her friend's son of also came home for ten days. She stated
that thanks to election, what is impossible becomes possible. But,
anyway, is she going to vote for the Republican party? She stated that
one must be smart and say that they will vote for the Republicans, but
at the election, they must vote for the candidate they want to vote.

And one parent of a soldier missed their son so much that is ready not
only to vote for the Republican but to procure some ten votes for it.

The only mechanism left is giving money, which will happen one day
before the election.

The press speaker of the Republican Party, Edward Sharmazanov stated
in this connection, that there can be various gossips on the eve
of the elections and they may be ungrounded. According to him, the
Republican Party does not have possibilities to rig the election,
and it is interested more than the others, in holding this election
in accordance with the democratic measurements.

In answer to the question why the Republican press speaker stresses
only this election, so we may assume that the previous elections
were not held in accordance with the democratic measurements, Edward
Sharmazanov stated that the international observers proved that
both the presidential and the parliamentary elections were held in
accordance with the European measurements. The Republican press speaker
did not rule out that there may be shortcomings at the elections.