16:59:30 - 27/05/2009

On May 23, with the participation of several decades of people, a
session took place where over two decades of people expressed their
wish to become members of the initiative group of the "Armenian
Choice". The members of the group Armen Aghayan and Alex Kananyan
stated this on May 27. A coordinating group of the initiative group
has been set up during the session.

Alex Kananyan stated that if we observe the political field, we will
see that the government and the opposition do not have essential
ideological difference in connection with serious questions relating
to the national security. He sated that the aim of their party is
to gather all the Armenians from Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh who
attach great importance to the state ideology and the development of
the state.

Armen Aghayan stated that they do not see any political party, which
would have ideological similarity with them; otherwise, they are
ready to join that party. He stated that their party is indifferent
towards the Yerevan Mayor election, in other words, if they decide
to participate in the election, they are not going to vote for the
favorite forces.