2009-05-29 11:12:00

ArmInfo. Addressing the people on the occasion of the Republic Day
on May 27, President of Azerbaijan 'rattled the saboteur' again by
old tradition.

This time 'the son of the great father of all Azeris' was really at
his best and generous with statements and threats addressed to Armenia.

Azerbaijani media reported that Aliyev declared: "I want to state it
once again as various speculations are often spread on this issue.

Nagorno-Karabakh will be an independent state not today and
neither after 10, nor after 100 years. Azerbaijan's position is
unequivocal. Despite pressures, we will maintain this position to
the end." Such a constructive stand! Of course, the statements by the
OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs that the parties should display political
will, refuse from militarist rhetoric and go on compromises to settle
the conflict sound a bit illogic in this context. Unlike Armenia,
Azerbaijan has not fulfilled any of the above recommendations (Aliyev's
words are the best evidence of that).

President of Azerbaijan did not refrain himself from telling
the old and boring tale about the only obstacle to the conflict's
settlement i.e. 'unconstructive position of Armenia and its tactics
of artificial protraction of the negotiation process'. Probably the
late Heydar Aliyev did not explain the son that one should see the
beam in one's own eye. It is evident that the only unconstructive
party is the official Baku that suffers from inferiority complex and,
probably, to compensate this shortcoming, does not want even to speak
of compromises.

"The issue must be resolved only under international law. Azerbaijan
will not surrender its principal and fair position based on
international law. We will not take a step back. Azerbaijan is
supported by all international organizations. On some occasions Armenia
tries to introduce principles of self-determination as principles
of territorial integrity. But it can only be accepted by people who
are not informed about this issue and do not engaged in politics. It
is not accidental that the world community rejects this approach,"
the Azerbaijani president said.

The president of the neighbor-state seems to be not enough informed
of the international law it constantly refers to. Mr. Aliyev, you
should have been aware that the people's right to self-determination
and the territorial integrity are equal principles irrespective of
whether Azerbaijan wants this or not. So, you'd better admit this
and display the very constructivism for lack of which you quite
groundlessly blame Armenia.