April 29, 2010 - 10:27 AMT 05:27 GMT

The Russian edition of Armenian Testament book by Spanish writer
Gonzalo Guarcha was presented at the press center of RIA Novosti on
April 27.

The book's presentation was organized by the Russian-Armenian
Friendship organization jointly with the Fund of Historical Outlook
and the Honorary Consul of Spain in Armenia.

"There are many books about the Armenian Genocide. Mr. Guarcha's
book is a novel based on historical facts; it is a voice of an
artist-humanist in support of the Armenian people in the struggle for
its rights. The peoples of Europe and Russia have always considered
Armenians to be a persecuted Christian community, which needs
assistance and sympathy. However, we believe that a hard working
nation, which has suffered in the struggle for its independence,
deserves respect, rather than sympathy. Gonzalo Guarcha's book is a
display of such respect," President of the Russian-Armenian Friendship
organization Yuri Navoyan noted.

Gonzalo Guarcha's books are dedicated to Jews, Kurds and Armenians.

The Spanish writer was bestowed various awards for his works.

Guarcha's acquaintance with an Armenian old woman, who told Guarcha
about her family's story, has served as a reason for writing Armenian
Tree book, while Armenian Testament is the second book in the trilogy
dedicated to the Armenian people. White Mountain is the third book,
which is dedicated to Armenians who had moved to Lebanon due to the
Genocide. "I wrote three books on the Armenian issue: Armenian Tree,
Armenian Testament and White Mountain. The tragic history of the
Armenian people is an important part of the world history, and I
believe that it is rather important to remember what had happened,"
the writer said.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress