Sukias Avetsiyan: "As Far As The Turkish Government Is Not Officially Rejecting The Negotiation Process It May Be Considered ANegotiating Side"

APRIL 29, 2010

YEREVAN, APRIL 29, ARMENPRESS: As far as the Turkish government is not
officially rejecting the negotiation process it may be considered
a negotiating side, member of Armenian Republican party Sukias
Avetisyan said today at the joint press conference with member of
the ARF faction Ara Nranyan. According to him, the Armenia side will
wait for a certain time to understand what steps are being carried
out toward the ratification of the Armenian-Turkish protocols.

S. Avetisyan, in response to the remark of Ara Nranyan, that the
protocols are full of dangers, said that both the president and the
coalition have many times stated that there are no pre-conditions under
the lines of the protocols, and Armenian will ratify them only in case
Turkey starts certain activity in that direction. "In his last speech
the president once again made Turkey understand that the latter has
no right to interfere into the Karabakh conflict settlement process,"
S. Avetisyan said.

According to the ARF representative the allegations that "today's
Turkey is not the former one and many things have changed and it is
already possible to go to concessions for the sake of prosperity and
cooperation" do not correspond to reality. "Turkey disputes the right
of the Armenian people to live in their homeland," Ara Nranyan said.

S. Avetisyan did not agree with him, noting that from the past year
intensive activity started in Turkey even over the Armenian Genocide
issue. He also highlighted the circumstance that certain people in
Turkey understood that time has come to solve issues.