APRIL 30, 2010

Heghine Bisharyan, head of NA "Orinats Yerkir" faction attaches
great importance to suspension of the ratification process of
Armenian-Turkish protocols by Armenia from the viewpoint of displaying
a principality. H. Bisharyan said today at a briefing in the National
Assembly that Armenia has repeatedly mentioned the process must move
forward exclusively without preconditions, but the preconditions
voiced by the Turkish party resulted in such a decision of Armenia.

"Armenia will wait for some period of time till Turkey definitely shows
that it is ready to continue the process without preconditions,"
H. Bisharyan said. According to her, steps directed toward
establishment of Armenian-Turkish relations of such a level had never
been registered; hence "Orinats Yerkir" party highly assesses Armenian
President's acts directed toward the establishment of bilateral
relations. H. Bisharyan is sure that there will come a time, when
Turkey itself will recognize the Armenian Genocide and will be ready
to ratify the protocols without preconditions.

Member of "Heritage" faction Armen Martirosyan suggests that in near
future the Armenian-Turkish protocols will again be involved in the
agenda of 4 day sessions of the National Assembly. "Turkey must be the
first to undertake steps for opening the borders unilaterally. The
Armenian-Turkish process must move forward exclusively without
preconditions," the representative of the opposition said.

Aram Safaryan, secretary of "Prosperous Armenia" faction, said he
is of the opinion that the suspension of the ratification process
of Armenian-Turkish relations enables Turkey to reconsider its own
position of proposing preconditions and to establish diplomatic
relations in a reasonable timeframe.

"If in near future this approach prevails in Turkey, then I am
sure that the ratification process of the protocols will run in the
Armenian parliament smoothly. The protocols will never be included
in the agenda of 4 day sessions if Turkey continues to yield to the
pressures of Azerbaijan for extorting unilateral concessions from
Armenia in Karabakh issue," Aram Safaryan said.

According to him, in near future the signal of regulation of
Armenian-Turkish relations must be voiced by Turkey itself. "The
international community - the USA, the European Union, Russia have
no doubt that the negative signals of regulation of relations do not
come from Armenia. In this regard the calls of the international
community will first of all be directed to Turkey," the member of
the NA "Prosperous Armenia" faction said.

Member of the NA Republican faction Artak Zakaryan said that
the Armenian-Turkish protocols do not contain negative elements -
preconditions, so there cannot be an issue of reconsideration of the
protocols. "The ratification of the protocols was suspended, as the
Turkish authorities started to voice preconditions. We are waiting
for distinct steps by Turkey, only after which the process will move
forward and the relations will be regulated," he noted. According to
A. Zakaryan, the Armenian-Turkish process has given new impetus to
Diaspora to join the resources and efforts once again, as a result
of which currently the issue of recognition of the Armenian Genocide
is being actively discussed in parliaments of many countries.