Seda Maleryan: Private Employment Market Is In The Hands Of Swindlers

2010-04-30 18:54:00

ArmInfo. Most of employment agencies in Armenia seek illicit gains
by applying fraud schemes, the chairwoman of "40+" women's NGO Seda
Maleryan said during a press-conference today.

The basic source of income for employment agencies is fees by employed
job-seekers but today many agencies register people for money but do
nothing to place them in jobs. The registration fee is 2,000 AMD at
least and some agencies take money even for repeated applications.

Many of them even advertise such services on TV.

Some agencies agree with employers beforehand and send their applicants
to fake interviews in order to show that they are working.

In fact, they have no information about real vacancies as their
objective is not employment of their customers. They frequently change
their addresses and are off the moment they sense the slightest danger.

The key solution to this problem is licensing of employment agencies.

Maleryan's NGO is planning to prepare such a proposal. Maleryan
promised to provide the data collected as a result of their inspections
to the law enforcement agencies. The NGO has information on 20 agencies
and will make their names public soon.