Argishti Kivirian, the founding editor of Armenia Today online news
service, was violently beaten by unknown assailants outside his Yerevan
apartment a year ago. It was the second attempt on Kivirian's life
within a month.

During the second attack Argishti managed to take the assailant's
hand who had fired thrice in different directions. The attackers used
wooden sticks to inflict serious injuries on Kivirian's head and body.

After the incident Kivirian was rushed to hospital and placed under
intensive care in the reanimation department of Erebuni Medical Center.

The Armenian police swiftly announced a criminal investigation into the
incident. Samvel Parmanyan, ex spokesman of President Serzh Sargsyan,
announced that the president would personally see to the disclosure of
attack but to date none of the assailants has been brought to justice.

Detainees Gurgen Kilikyan and Vladik Poghosyan, suspected in the
attack, were released shortly after the arrest.

"If you are more or less acquainted with Armenia's legal system you
should know that RA Prosecutor General consults on each case with the
country's head. If the case was really supervised by Serzh Sargsyan,
then how it happened that the detainees were set free," wonders Mr.

He is convinced that over the last year Armenian law-enforcers were
busy "slurring over" the case.

"After the incident the police persuaded my neighbours that they had
heard other voices instead of gunshots,." says KIvirian

He motivates his belief by the lost cartridges which disappeared
from the scene after the attack. Following the attempt, deputy Chief
of RA Police Hovhannes Tamamyan called on RA citizens to take the
missing cartridges to the nearest police station. Let us note that Mr.
Tamamyan comes from Akhalkalak.

Kivirian is confident that the attempt was ordered by Akhlkalak
chief of police Samvel Petrosyan whose illegalities he constantly
covered in Armenia Now. Kivirian learnt that before the attack,
Gurgen Kilikyan and Vladik Poghosyan had gone to Akhalkalak to meet
the chief of police.

Gurgen Kilikyan's father was convicted in Georgia and turned to
Samvel Petrosyan for help. According to Kivirian, Kilikyan's father
has recently been released.