Aysor, Armenia
May 8 2010

'Liberation of Shushi a respond to those, who unleashed war'

The Press Office of the State Administration of Armenia released
Saturday a congratulatory message by country's President Serzh
Sargsyan on the occasion of the Victory and Peace Day.

`Dear fellow countrymen, dear veterans,

I congratulate you on the Victory and Peace Day. The signal victory of
the Great Patriotic War became historic to our nation, providing a new
start and a powerful impetus to a peaceful and creative development of
our economy and culture.

Our nation regretted nothing striving for victory. We've suffered
heavy losses and causalities, which will be remembered and
commemorated by our descendants. We had got heroes and generals, whose
feat as example of patriotism and military skills will inspire both
this and future generations.

By fate, this day of May 9 brought a new victory to the Armenian
history in 1992. The liberation of Shushi brought honor to the brave
Armenian soldiers. This was a respond to those, who unleashed war,
ethnic massacres and mass killings against our nation. Henceforth the
Armenian nation is fixed in its purpose to live free and prevent any
violence against itself.

Today we bow our heads to those never-dying heroes, who claimed these
May-day victories, who by their blood earned rights of our nation to
live and develop, to have a historical opportunity and future. We are
grateful to them.

Once again let me offer you my warmest congratulations on this great
Victory. We are proud of our victories and we will strengthen them
through our constructive work.'