COMMEMORATION IN "ERABLUR" PANTHEON mp;p=0&id=1349&y=2010&m=05&d=10
08 .05.10

On 8 May, 2010, on the day of "Erkrapah", in order to commemorate
the victims of the Artsakh War RA Minister of Defence Seyran Ohanyan,
president of the department of "Erkrapah Voluntary Union" M.

Grigoryan, high ranked officers, relatives and battle comrades of
fallen freedom fighters visited "Erablur" pantheon. They put flowers
and garlands on the memorial of Unknown Soldier, on the thumbs of
Vazgen Sargsyan and Andranik Ozanyan, and bowed at the memorial of
the fallen freedom fighters.

Turning to those present, Minister of defence Seyran Ohanyan
congratulated them on the 18th anniversary of the emancipation of
Shushi and the 65th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic
War. Underlining in his speech that it was the liberation of Shushi
that gave a start to the victories of the newly formed Armenian
army, Seyran Ohanyan also stated that we all ought to keep the candle
burning for the memory of the devotees of the motherland. We ought to
educate the coming generation with the examples of their patriotism
and self-sacrifice. We also ought to keep high the efficiency of the
Armenian Army, because only a powerful and flexible army can guarantee
peaceful days for future.