ARMENIA'S LIVING HILL BUILDING enias-living-hill-building.html
May 11 2010

Lace Hill is a conceptual mixed-use building shaped in the form of a
mountain that's proposed for Armenia's capital, Yerevan. Forrest Fulton
Architects of Alabama took inspiration from traditional Armenian lace
needlework and the surrounding hills of Yerevan to design the proposal
of the landscape. The entire facade of Lace Hill is covered in native
plants to absorb heat and provide habitat to animals and insects,
while recycled water is used to irrigate the building.

Lace Hill has several sustainable features such as recessed windows,
voids acting as cooling towers and geothermal heat pumps providing
temperature control for the rooms. It has retail shops and restaurants
on the bottom floor, while the northern side has office space and the
southern is punctuated with apartments and a hotel with underground
parking. The entire landscape is proposed to be built over an area
of 85,000 square meters.