MAY 11, 2010

YEREVAN, MAY 11, ARMENPRESS: A victory cycling in honor
of the May victories kicked off today by the route of
Yerevan-Qashatagh-Shushi-Stepanakert-Askeran-Sh ahumyan-Martakert-Martuni-Hadrut-Stepanakert.

Twe nty cyclists participate in the cycle race. The participants are
intended to reach the NKR province of Qashatagh today by passing
300 km.

On May 12 the group will be replenished with local athletes, and the
cycling by the liberated territories will start, which make 400 km. A
cycling parade is intended May 18 by Shushi-Stepanakert route, as well
as a competition of group cycling in the stadium of the NKR capital.

Arthur Soghomonyan, head of the Youth Policy Department of the
Armenian Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs told Armenpress that
the program aims to spread the idea of the significance of the May
glorious victories among the young people of Armenia and Artsakh, to
disseminate national and patriotic ideas in them, and to strengthen
Armenia-Artsakh ties between young people.

"Cycling in Armenia has all the prerequisites for developing and
becoming a massive sport style. Except that, this sport style is the
best means of physical upbringing and health preservation. Through the
help of the young cyclists a unique tie will be established between
Armenia and NKR settlements," he said. The program is implemented
collaboratively by the Armenian Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs
and NKR Ministry of Culture.