MAY 12, 2010

STEPANAKERT, MAY 12, ARMENPRESS: 'Within the 16 years of the
cease-fire, the Defense Army of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic has been
safeguarding the security of the people of Karabakh quite efficiently:
this is our greatest achievement,' RA Defense deputy Minster Lieutenant
General Movses Hakobyan told journalists today. During the meeting
with the group of journalists, who went to the front line of the
borders between Karabakh and Azerbaijan on the 16th anniversary of
declaration of cease-fire, Movses Hakobyan mentioned that no serious
cases have been registered in the front lines within this period,
except for cases of breaking the cease-fire by Azerbaijan by using
various types of small weapon.

'The level of fighting readiness of the NKR Armed Forces is quite
high: planned and sudden tests restate this,' Lieutenant General
Movses Hakobyan said. He says a slew of works have been carried
out to raise the safety of front lines for 'ensuring the defense of
lives of the soldiers in the fronts'. He also informed that strong
efforts are currently being exerted in the direction of improving
the educational base of the Armed Forces. The issue of enriching the
arms is on focus as well. The NKR Defense Army has bought a slew of
arms, especially anti-aircraft defense system means, which give an
opportunity to hit low-flying helicopters and planes. Autopark of
the Armed Forces is being enriched as well: it is as big as that
of the Russian Federation.'We do our best to raise the level of
moral-psychological readiness of our army,' Movses Hakobyan added.

As to the cases of breaking the cease-fire by Azerbaijan, Movses
Hakobyan mentioned that the cases are connected with ceremonies held
in Nagorno Karabakh, among them May 9, recruitment ceremonies, etc.

'These actions are the result of fear of the Azerbaijani Army,'
Movses Hakobyan said. He added that it is quite important for Armenian
journalists not to attribute to any Azerbaijani source in order to
avoid their participation in the Azerbaijani propaganda. As to the
possibilities of breaking of a war, he said: 'As an individual I am
against any war, but as a deputy Minister I will go on punishing the
enemy for that Azerbaijan understands a war is something negative
and stopps holding the machinegun soldiers in the front lines,'
RA Defense deputy Minster Lieutenant General Movses Hakobyan said.

Movses Hakobyan says the Armenain Armed Forces do not need recruiting;
the army is being replensihed with soldiers serving on a cantractual