Heritage Party has released a statement to those who avoid visiting
the Genocide Memorial at Tsitsernakaberd.

The statement reads as follow:

"The Heritage Party and its parliamentary fraction consider the
Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) president Mevlut
Cavusoglu's decision to not visit the Armenian Genocide Memorial,
at Tsitsernakaberd in Yerevan, to be a behavior that is unbecoming
of the head of this prestigious European organization. And during
their meeting with Mr Cavusoglu today, Heritage's MPs will inform
him about this, in person.

"We deem impermissible the fact that PACE's current president is acting
against the spirit of the 1987, 2000, 2002 and 2005 decisions by the
European Parliament - the directly elected legislative body of the
European Union, which has formally recognized the Armenian genocide
- and is being guided by a whim that is solely characteristic of a
nationalist. This conduct is also a challenge against the universal
norms, the benchmarks of European values, and the aspirations of
Turkey which pretends to enter into the European family.

"With such demeanor, Mr. Cavusoglu explicitly confesses that he
does not consider himself as the head of an influential institution
- comprising a multinational European family - that pursues the
implementation of democratic processes and the protection of human
rights, but, rather, as a Turkish official who, presently having
assumed the duties of the PACE president, seems to want to make use
of this institution's leverage for the benefit of Turkey's nowadays
leaders and Azerbaijan.

In the view of Heritage, Mevlut Cavusoglu, who, because of the fixation
to deny the tragedy of the Armenian people -who have been subjected to
a genocide and have lost their homeland - and disguising his current
official stay in Armenia as that of a working visit and refusing to
stop at Tsitsernakaberd, is one of those Turkish politicians whose
statements and political conduct demonstrate that he is a modern-day
follower of the Kemalist-Bolshevik conspiracy "deal" of the past.

"It is apparent, therefore, as to the objectives Mr. Cavusoglu
is pursuing through his unconcealed steps being taken toward the
new makeup of the PACE subcommittee on the Mountainous Karabagh
Republic affairs. With this statement, Heritage yet again affirms
for this Turkish political figure, and his supporters and probable
"instructors," that the real issue at hand is the de jure international
recognition of the Mountainous Karabagh Republic, which is already
established de facto. And the outstanding matter is the return of
the territories which, defined by Artsakh's constitution and under
international law, belong to Artsakh and which are under Azerbaijani
occupation to this day. And PACE's leadership can, and is obligated
to, mediate with the aim of peacefully resolving these questions.

"The Heritage Party once more calls on Armenia's authorities to
officially recognize the established independence of the Mountainous
Karabagh Republic. And no Turkish official, nor any other foreigner
who refuse visiting Tsitsernakaberd, can erase, or send into oblivion,
the reality of the Armenian Genocide and the Great Dispossession of
Homeland, and the just cause and the truthful vision of all Armenians."