May 14 2010

"The military organizations will have no problems with ammunitions
if the war is waged with Armenia"

Amman. Rashad Suleymanov - APA. Minister of Defense Industry of
Azerbaijan Yaver Jamalov gives an interview to APA

- How do you evaluate SOFEX 2010 and participation of the Azerbaijan's
defense industry at the exhibition?

- SOFEX was very successful for us. More than 350 companies from
34 countries participated at the conference. We exhibited 55 types
of defense industry goods, which interested both participants and
visitors. A number of protocols of intentions were signed during the
exhibition. Three of them were signed with the U.S companies, which
ordered 82-mm mortar launchers, PKM machineguns, 7.62x54 mm cartridges,
as well as 2.5 million of 7.62x39 mm cartridges and ammunitions for
82 mm mortar launchers and 4000 VOG-25.

Representatives of those companies will visit Azerbaijan soon to test
the ammunitions and then we are expected to sign relevant agreements.

Another U.S company needs in 500 000 12.7x108 mm, 250 000 14.5x110
mm cartridges and VOG-25. They will send their representatives to
Azerbaijan to see production and we are looking forward for intensive
cooperation with those companies. The third U.S company, we signed a
protocol of intentions, is planning to purchase 60 millions 9x19 mm
cartridges during 5 years. We have already installed a runner line
and we are producing cartridges in accordance with NATO standards.

Turkey's Machine and Chemistry Industry Company (MKE) ordered 10 000
RPQ-7V grenade launchers, 120 mm mortar launcher ammunitions, 7.62x39
mm cartridges, 40 millions capsules. We have signed a protocol of
intensions with MKE and it will send its representatives to Azerbaijan
in near future. Our experts will also visit the MKE enterprises. We
are looking forward to sign an agreement with MKE about the joint
production of several types of small arms.

- MKE manager said they were interested in joint production of 14.5
and 12.7 mm sniper rifles projected by the Azerbaijani engineers. What
do you think about that?

- MKE has great interest to both rifles. They want to be involved in
production of 12.7 mm rifles. We are reviewing this issue.

- What can you say about the agreement signed with NP Aerospace Jordan
of the King Abdullah Design and Development Bureau (KADDB)?

- Jordan and Azerbaijan have high-level relations. Both countries
are working together in many fields. The trade turnover between the
countries increased 38.5% in the past three months in comparison
with the same period of last year. We have signed an agreement on
production of armored jackets and helmets. We are negotiating several
projects more.

- Do the defense industry goods of Azerbaijan reach U.S market?

- Azerbaijan's defense goods have not reached the U.S market so far.

Those companies purchase these ammunitions to use it in Iraq because
purchase and shipping of those ammunitions in Azerbaijan is more

- What's new about the purchase and sale of 300 millions cartridges
between Azerbaijan and Turkey?

- We signed an agreement with Turkey and now we are expecting for
starting of funding the project. The opposite side should pay 30%
in the beginning.

- How do you evaluate the capability of the defense industry of
Azerbaijan today? What is share of the defense industry in the total
industrial production over the past four years?

- President Ilham Aliyev gives great attention to the development of
defense industry. The head of state participates at the inauguration
of all defense industry enterprises and takes interest in the quality
and assortment of all products. The head of state urged us to bring
new technologies to Azerbaijan and to make production in accordance
with the modern international standards. Such products are being
produced. As regards the production volume, I can say that compared
with 2009 the production will be 2.7 times more.

-When is Azerbaijan's defense industry going to fully meet the needs of
the country's Armed Forces, minimize the military technical dependence?

-In a short time we will implement all the projects that are
economically effective. But there are projects the implementation
of which is difficult and not necessary in Azerbaijan. For example,
the production of tank. Construction of the plant producing tanks
and creation of such equipment require great funds. Azerbaijan's
requirement is too little. It is expedient to buy the tanks, planes
and helicopters from the developed countries. Such projects can be
considered after the projects related to the necessary weapons,
munitions, artillery weapons, pilotless aircrafts are fully
implemented. Despite this, the facilities of the Ministry of Defense
Industry are producing spare parts for tanks, helicopters and planes.

The spare parts produced for planes and helicopters are even sold to
the companies of Russia.

-The competition of armament has been recently observed in the Caspian
region. There are reports that some littoral states have ordered a
lot of warships, sea transport means. Does the Ministry of Defense
Industry have projects concerning the production of sea navigation
devices, ships, unmanned ships etc.

-The Ministry of Defense Industry is implementing projects in
Azerbaijan basing on the orders of Defense Ministry, State Border
Service, Interior Troops. If there are orders from these bodies,
of course, we are ready to implement such projects by involving the
famous companies of the world. We have not received such orders yet.

-Are there new projects in the defense industry of Azerbaijan and
Turkey? Yesterday Turkish Defense Minister told APA that Azerbaijan
can participate in the projects related to ATAK helicopter, Altay
national tank, if it wishes.

-There are such projects. I have said that we plan to establish a
facility for producing three small arms including 12.7mm sniper rifle
with MKE. Yesterday we discussed with Turkish Defense Minister Vecdi
Gonul the prospects of the cooperation. We will also participate in
a number of projects of Turkey in future.

-Foreign servicemen were interested more in 14,5mm Istiglal sniper
rifle exhibited in Azerbaijan's stand. We would like you to give
information about this sniper rifle. When do you plan to start series
production of the new model of Istiglal?

-Istiglal is a half-automatic sniper rifle. It is distinguished
from most of the sniper rifles with this feature. The charger takes
five cartridges, cartridges automatically pass into the barrel. The
effective range of the rifle is 2200m. There is no other sniper rifle
with such an effective range. 12.7mm caliber version of Istiglal has
been produced, it is being tested. Work continues on the creation of
23mm caliber sniper rifle.

-What can you say about Azerbaijani-produced automatic rifle? When
do you plan to start series production of the rifle that "looks like
and does not look like" Kalashnikov?

-This weapon has been created on the basis of AK-74M rifle. But
it differs from Kalashnikov by a number of features. For example,
additional details must be put into AK in order to set the night
vision device, target and lighting system. This has been taken into
consideration in our rifles. The butt of the rifle has also been
changed. Talks are being held with Russia to start series production
of the weapon. Turkey's MKE company says that there is a great need
for these rifles abroad. We plan to export this weapon after meeting
the internal needs.

-According to the contract signed in the Collective Security Treaty
Organization, if the war starts again, the member states can sell
munitions and military equipment to Armenia on preferential terms.

Will Azerbaijan's military industrial complex be able to meet the
needs of the Armed Forces in case of war?

-Ministry of Defense Industry is capable of providing the Defense
Ministry and other military structures with the munitions and weapons.

If military operations start, there will be no problem in the issues
of provision.