Aysor, Armenia
May 15 2010

6th time Armenia partakes in the `Museum Night' project

Today in the frameworks of the `Museum Night' Armenia as well as
museums in around 40 countries from all over the world will be open
for the visitors not only at day time but also at night. Many Museums
will have new presentations for their visitors. The entrance for all
the museums that participate in that action is free.

The project `Museum Night' has been originated in 1999 in one of the
French museums on one of the Sundays of the spring, by the suggestion
of the French culture ministry.

It is the 6th year that Armenia takes part in this wonderful action.

The `Museum Night' is aimed at concentrating the attention of the
public on the Museum arts and the present situation of the museums. It
is a great occasion for all of those who have no time to visit museums
on working days.