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May 14, 2010

Research from H.B. Nersisyan and co-researchers provides new data on
plasma physics

According to recent research from Armenia, "The spectral line shapes
for hydrogen like heavy ion emitters embedded in strongly correlated
two component electron ion plasmas are investigated with numerical
simulations. For that purpose the microfield fluctuations are
calculated by molecular dynamics simulations where short range quantum
effects are taken into account by using a regularized Coulomb
potential for the electron ion interaction."

"The microfield fluctuations are used as input in a numerical solution
of the time dependent Schrodinger equation for the radiating electron.
In distinction to the standard impact and quasistatic approximations
the method presented here allows to account for the correlations
between plasma ions and electrons. The shapes of the Ly alpha-line in
Al are investigated in the intermediate regime," wrote H.B. Nersisyan
and colleagues.

The researchers concluded: "The calculations are in good agreement
with experiments on the Ly alpha-line in laser generated plasmas."

Nersisyan and colleagues published their study in Contributions to
Plasma Physics (Microfield Fluctuations and Spectral Line Shapes in
Strongly Coupled Two Component Plasmas. Contributions to Plasma
Physics, 2010;50(2):193-203).

For additional information, contact H.B. Nersisyan, Institute
Radiophys & Electrical, Division Theoret Physics, Alikhanian Bros St.
1, Ashtarak 378410, Armenia.

Publisher contact information for the journal Contributions to Plasma
Physics is: Wiley-V C H Verlag GmbH, PO Box 10 11 61, D-69451
Weinheim, Germany.