May 17, 2010 - 19:14 AMT 14:14 GMT

Armenian-Czech business forum was held May 17 in Yerevan within the
framework of Prime Minister Jan Fischer's visit to Armenia.

The forum hosted over 40 companies engaged in construction, energy,
financial and IT spheres.

"Despite increasing turnover between our countries, there's still
untapped potential we hope to develop through the assistance of such
meetings," Armenian Development Agency CEO Robert Harutyunyan stated
at forum opening.

Czech Manufacturers Union President, delegation head Jaroslaw Khana,
in turn, noted, "Czechia is interested in cooperation with Armenia,
offering investments in various spheres: manufacturing, energy,
food industry as well as agriculture and tourism."

Deputy Minister of Economy and Trade of the Czech Republic Milan
Hovorka added, "Having major experience in investment sphere, Czechia,
as EU member, can serve as bridge between Armenia and European Union."

Armenia-Czechia turnover comprised USD 16,7 million in 2009. Imported
and exported production included confectionery, paper, ceramics,
glassware, black metal and surface carriers.

The business forum was organized by Armenian Development Agency in
collaboration with RA.