Turkey, which after the suspension of the ratification process of the
protocols by Armenia promised to carry out "silent" diplomacy, from
time to time, carries out "noisy" diplomacy. Last week, the Turkish
foreign minister Ahmed Davutoglu issued an ambitious statement about
Turkey's will to carry out a psychological revolution in the region.

He stated that the region is to be changed so to enable a car from
Kars pass through Yerevan, Kelbadjar and arrive in Baku. Today,
the Turkish Hurryiet, citing its sources, wrote that the Turkish
prime minister will try in Baku to "persuade" Azerbaijan to agree
with Armenia's surrender of 2 regions, instead of five. In addition,
if previously, they dwelt on Aghdam and Fizuli, now they dwell on
Kelbadjar and Fizuli.

Why did Turks decide to leave Aghdam to Armenians considering the map?

Kelbadjar and Fizuli is what connect Karabakh with Armenia and Iran.

"Cutting" these regions out from the map of Armenia, a big lock is to
be posted on Karabakh and left. Besides, again according to the map,
if Turks need a road taking from Kars to Baku, it is enough to open
an admission point on their border and one- on the border of Armenia
with Azerbaijan. Karabakh with Kelbadjar will be left far apart.

Evidently, all this bluff connected with two, three and five regions
pursues only two goals: to convince Armenians of the inevitability of
territorial concessions, and second- to manage to seize something for
Azerbaijan. There are only two problems for the opening of regional
communications - closed Armenian-Turkish and Armenian-Azerbaijani
frontiers. Moreover, it is not Armenia to keep them closed. And so for
transportation in the region, and pipes, the authorities in Ankara and
Baku just need to open the borders. So, the psychological revolution
is to be carried out in Baku and Ankara.